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Team Tesla - Cause Vampires are just plain hot

A place for Tesla fans to gather and plot world domination! :)

Team Tesla- Fans of Nikola Tesla of Sanctuary
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Fans of Nikola Tesla off Sanctuary!
A place for fans of Nikola Tesla (of the hit SyFy original series Sanctuary), to get together and share fics, wallpapers, avatars and banners of everyone's favorite vampire.
1. Respect!! Please respect all actors, characters, people, anything and everything related to this community and the show Sanctuary. This means no flaming. You can comment but keep it nice.
2. If a poster gives specific instructions for how their fan-creation could be re-posted or used, please follow them.
3. No adult content is allowed on this site. If you have a fic or image that is NC-17, please link to your LJ, and clearly state that the link leads to an adult item.
4. NO SPAM. Please only post Tesla-related items, images that show Tesla, or fics that use him as a main character.
5. Please don't ask me for mod privs, as they are only avalible to founding TeamTesla members.
6. When posting images, you do not have to use thumbnails for avatars or banners unless you the poster want to. But when posting wallpapers, you MUST USE THUMBNAILS.

Thats it for now. If things come up, we might need to add more. Violation of these rules is subject to suspension and/or removal.

Thanks, your mods :)

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